The Musical CooperativeDengi Vpered (up-front money) is a hooligan octet formed in 2014 from native and adopted sons of Odesa-Mama.

 Dengi Vperedis known primarily for their style—a mixture of street gangster folklore, Jewish folk music and rock ‘n’ roll—which the musicians themselves call odessa gangsta folk. The independent spirit of the band and their stage ingenuity earned their spot on the canvas of Ukrainian pop music. Unforgettable Odesa mysteries, seasoned with special humor, branded “tricks,” bargaining and uninvited guests made Dengi Vpereda hallmark of Odesa itself.

The barely created cooperative was rocketed to instant fame when their soloist Felix Schinder appeared on the TV show “Voice of the Country.” From that moment, the young band grew ardent fans all over the country, which sparked Dengi Vpered to nonstop tours and constant studio work. In 2016, their long-awaited debut album “Gold of Ancient Odessites” was released to acclaim. The band received tempting offers to sign with a label, but the freedom-loving Odesa residents are not in a hurry to bind themselves with contracts.

Instead of a studio contract, the band set out to be discovered on new continents. They’ve appeared on radio stations, large stages, fairs and bazaars, and played alongside stars of the Ukrainian pop music scene including Nino Katamadze, Michael Nyman, DePhazz, Okean Elzy, 5’Nizza, Serebranaya Svadba, Sky, Krikhytka, Garden City Movement, Oleg Skrypka (Vopli Vidoplyasova) and Yuriy Kuznetsov. Dengi Vperedare busy with transatlantic tours from South America to Central Asia, cycling tours in Israel, and filming in music videos, movies, and TV shows.

At the same time, the group continues to expand its geography and to conquer foreign audiences: this time in Europe. Sommerfestival Der Kulturen in Stuttgart, FolkHerbst Preisverleihung, International Klezmer Festival Fürth in Germany alone. They’ve also played small venues, solo concerts, and collaborations in France, Spain, Poland, Belgium and Netherlands. Exporting their love for their homeland on a huge scale, they played 54 concerts all over the continent in 2018. At the international folk music festival in the German city of Plauen, the band received the audience prize and the enthusiasm of European critics:

 “…The proximity to the sea characterizes this city and the way of living. This sense of life has attracted many artists, intellectuals and bohemians, who have left a mark on the city’s culture.

The group receives inspiration from this mix of cultures. They do not represent glamorous Odessa with opera houses and theatres, musicians of the band consciously draw another picture of their homeland.

It’s a world of small crooks, thieves, free people. The sound of streets and yards. “

Dengi Vpered can be seen at major festivals (Odessa Jazz Fest, Koktebel Jazz Festival, Atlas Weekend, OIFF, Woodstock Ukraine, Taki-Da Fest, Kyiv Music Market, Odessa Sea Fest, Tsimes Market, etc. They’vebeen recognized with music awards including the People’s Recognition 2015 in the category “Music Discovery of the Year.” The group tries new artistic projects, participates in charity events, runs their own radio channel, and even publishes their own newspaper.

The group will soon release their second album. Collected mainly from copyrighted materials, it will express an independent spirit, demonstrate the musical variability of the band, and showcase freedom from genre restrictions. 


 There is a city in the world where folklore – even though dancing with tambourine, beads and lamb horns – but still something quite familiar to every rebellious soul.

Daily routine is okay: even in an empty hall the cooperative will make you a full house.

Nostalgia – wholesale and on weight. Concert, where everyone will take away something of their own.

“Dengi Vpered” is a crowded minibus.

The band on tour looks more like an expedition.

“Dengi Vpered” is two compartments of musicians.

“Dengi Vpered” is when you don’t have to pay for Odessa Fashion Week.

“Dengi Vpered” is when the secret becomes clear.

“Dengi Vpered” is: All the best – for great-grandchildren!

“Dengi Vpered” is a secret offer to save money 😉

In their veins, the blood of distant descendants of Columbus flows.

Felix Shinder – vocals, harp;
Oleg Vasyanovych – accordion, double bass;
Eugen Kuchurka – guitar;
Vladimir Gitin – clarinet;
Andrey Okhramovych – trumpet;
Jarolsav Besh – trombone;
Alexandr Tkachenko – drum.